We’ve Got This; A Mini Guide to Keeping Your Relationship Healthy, Exciting and Fresh.


Keeping your relationship healthy, strong and exciting isn’t easy. It requires effort, change, patience, self awareness, self reflection, foresight, compromise (you name it!)-Especially over time.

The first part of a relationship is generally very exciting, new, and full of intimacy. But as the years roll on, it can be easy to lose patience, understanding, thoughtfulness and at times, even interest. Below are healthy, practical and effective tips for keeping your relationship strong, exciting and feeling fresh-AND under each suggestion you’ll find ways to practice each this week.

Have Fun Together

It can become so easy to get lost in your daily routine, plan or date. Make a point to spend quality time together in a new and exciting way.

Practice: Engage in a NEW event that you’re both interested in or that neither of you have tried before (go to a movie, go to dinner, take a class, etc.).

Get To Know Your Partner

Ever had an argument with your partner and wished they could read your mind? We all express and feel love differently, discovering your partners differences can improve your relationship. Seek to understand, not agree. From this perspective, you can have an interesting dialogue and grow as a couple.

Practice: Ask your partner if there is anything he or she needs or wants from you and your relationship that you can put effort in to.

Ask For What You Want

Overtime, we assume our significant other knows what we want and often expect certain things without communicating them. A healthy and nurturing relationship should build you up and make you better than you were alone. It is important to make compromises and work on different things for each other, remember to vocalize your needs and expectations.

Practice: Communicate something, big or small, that has been on your mind. Anything that you need or want that will better your relationship.

Stay Vulnerable

Exposing your authentic self can be scary, but you may be missing out on a genuine, deep connection. Vulnerability is vital to a healthy, trusting relationship. Remember, being vulnerable does not make you weak, it can actually increase your sense of worthiness and authenticity. True intimacy can lead to comfort and safety in an uncontrollable world.

Practice: Communicate something that you have never expressed to your partner before

See The Best In Your Partner

The brain automatically goes negative, try countering those thoughts with positive ones about your partner. In addition, if you do need to call attention to a negative aspect, try to do it in a positive way.

Practice: Look for the “good” in your partner, jot down what you notice you are grateful for.

Create Your Own Time

While it is essential to make quality time with your partner, it is also important to create space for yourself. Take time for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. This can help improve your self esteem, lower your defensive attitude, and give you time to engage in activities you enjoy by yourself.

Practice: Engage in at least one self-care technique (exercise, plan a night with friends, take a bath, journal, etc.).

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