Self Care and Mental Health Gift Guide


Gift Giving for that someone you know (Maybe it’s YOU) that may need a little extra self-care and self-love this season. This gift guide is perfect for promoting mental health, chronic illness and self-care support.*

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness Audios by Jon Kabat Zinn (Guided meditation audios for building at home stress and anxiety relief habits and routines).
  2. Dry Brush for improved lymphatic drainage, circulation, smoother skin and stress relief. You can find other quality brushes here and here.
  3. Eucalyptus and Lavender Pure Essential Oil Candle by Slow North (The calming benefits of candlelight and pure essential have a positive effect on the nervous system and these candles are amazing). You can also find Eucalyptus Lavender and other blends here.
  4. Lunya Silk Sleep Mask (Hands down the best sleep mask for deep, restorative sleep and soft skin).
  5. Sonoma Lavender Weighted Blanket Weighted blankets provide a sense of calm, grounding and security which is helpful for someone who struggles with anxiety. This weighted blanket has a removable flax and lavender fill and can be heated.
  6. MiniSun SAD Lamp (Great for helping to boost and maintain positive mood throughout the winter months). You can also find quality mood lamps here and here.
  7. Brain Dust Adaptogenic Super-herb and Super-mushroom blend for increased mental stamina, clarity and focus, increased mood and stress management.
  8. My Soul CBD Bath Bomb (CBD is incredibly effective in reducing stress and anxiety (among many MANY other ailments). This bath bomb is a great option for a regular self care routine).
  9. Calm Self-Care Kit In this carefully curated self-care box and educational booklet, you’ll find a variety of holistic and natural tools and information to help you manage stress and anxiety by engaging the senses and bringing yourself to the present moment.
  10. Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser Essential oils in all forms are beneficial for mood, stress-management and for boosting any self-care routine.
  11. Dohm White Noise Machine (Ambient sound and white noise are helpful for improving sleep and reducing stress and anxiety).
  12. Uplift Self-Care Kit. This box and educational booklet are dedicated to helping you FEEL more. It’s contents are carefully curated to be activating or stimulating. You’ll find a variety of uplifting holistic and natural tools, mental exercises and information to help you manage symptoms of depression by engaging the senses.
  13. Lunya Pima Cotton Robe (This Robe!!! And everything from Lunya is amazing TBH. This robe is perfect for anyone looking to up their self-care and homebody routine).

Note: Products are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment that can be provided by your physician, psychotherapist, medical team or any other licensed or registered health care professional.

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