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Our therapists have created a holistic and integrative space where members can build on their mental health routine with self-discovery, connection, and supplemental resources. From self-paced mental health courses based on the latest research to unlimited access to yoga, meditation, and workshops, our membership is designed to support you at every stage of your journey inward.

the Move | Well membership

Discover the healing modality that works best for you

Understand your innermost self on a deeper level

Strengthen your mind-body connection

Enhance your daily habits, routines, and thought patterns

Strengthen your relationship with yourself and others

Build a toolkit of coping skills for stress and anxiety 

What’s Included

Daily journal prompts

On demand self-paced mental health courses

Livestreamed mental health workshops 

Self check-in questionnaires 

The monthly Toolkit

EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping classes

Support groups

On demand yoga classes and guided meditations


Live talks/Q&A with a therapist


Meet the Move | Well Monthly Toolkit

  • Breathwork techniques
  • Cognitive defusion strategies
  • Somatic tools
  • Daily journal prompts
  • Affirmations
  • Worksheets 
  • Self-inquiry Prompts
  • Mindfulness Techniques

These may include short offerings such as:

“The Toolkit” is one of Move | Well’s signature membership offerings. Each month, based on a therapist-chosen seasonal and monthly theme, “The Toolkit” offers a variety of holistic and integrative mental health-based tools for members to utilize. Unlike our signature courses, which are more of a “deep dive” into individual healing, these tools are meant to be short, easy to digest, and provide tangible tools to integrate into your every day to support your mental wellbeing. 


$29/mo for a limited time


Mental healthcare should be accessible to everyone — regardless of your financial situation. We created the Move | Well membership as a more affordable alternative to traditional therapy. 

To celebrate the launch of the Move | Well Membership, we’re offering a limited-time promotional rate of $29 per month. Your monthly membership fee is less than the cost of an average therapy session, and it unlocks unlimited access to mental health content, wellbeing classes and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Move | Well Membership?

The Move | Well Membership is a virtual community offering our members therapist-curated resources to supplement their mental health journey.

What’s included in the membership?

Your Move | Well Membership offers you unlimited access to live and on-demand yoga classes, meditations, and mental health workshops. You’ll also unlock self-discovery courses and questionnaires you can complete on your own time, daily journal prompts, and the monthly Move | Well Toolkit. Finally, you’ll join our private community of like-minded individuals dedicated to deepening their mental health journey. 

How much does the membership cost?

For a limited time only, the monthly membership fee for unlimited access to the Move | Well Membership is $29 per month — less than the average cost of a single therapy session.

Does my insurance cover my membership?

The membership is not covered by insurance. Your FSA or HSA may cover some or all of the cost; please reach out to your provider for more details.

Do I have to be in therapy with Move | Well to join the Move | Well Membership?

While we believe therapy can benefit anyone, you do not have to actively be in therapy with us or any other practitioner to join the Move | Well Membership.

Lauren McKinney, LPC

Course Instructor, Maladaptive Perfectionism

Laura Dziekiewicz, LCSW, RYT

CEO of Move | Well

Macauley Cliffe, LCSW, RYT

Director of Programming and Development

Lauren Jaimovich, LCPC

EFT Practitioner

Meet the Move | Well Team

Daniel Gibson, RYT

Yoga and Movement Instructor

Johanna Hayes, LCPC

Course Instructor, Sex, Pleasure and Intimacy

Rickie Kostiner, LCPC, RYT

Yoga and Movement Instructor

Charlotte Waldmeir, LPC, RYT

Yoga and Movement Instructor

Ximena Valencia Perez, LCPC

Meditation Guide

Nicole Townsend, LPC

Meditation Guide

Lilia Luna, RYT

Yoga and Movement Instructor


Yoga and Movement Instructor

Gracie Fernandez, LCSW, RYT

Meditation Guide

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