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Yoga & Workshops

The Move Therapy and Wellness yoga studio offers yoga classes, workshops and therapeutic groups led by Certified Yoga Teachers and Licensed Clinical Psychotherapists. 

Through movement, breath work, and meditation, each class offers practical self-care and mental health tools that you can take off your mat and into your daily life. Our space and our classes are designed to support Move's existing therapy clients and the general population through drop in yoga classes and speciality workshops. No yoga experience is necessary, and classes prioritize inner work and self-compassion over difficult poses and advanced sequences.

Move Yoga Flow

Enhance feelings of calm and relaxation and/or find relief from a stressful work day or stressful life event. During this mindfully curated flow, you will focus on both your breath and your ability to be present in each pose, which can help quiet negative mental chatter and regulate the body and nervous system. 

In this signature class, you will move through a 35 minute practice and a 10 minute guided breath-work session. During the yoga flow you will focus on both breath and the ability to be present in each pose, this technique can help to regulate the body and calm the nervous system. Guided breath-work will immediately follow the yoga sequence. 

Move and Meditate

Move through a 30 or 45 minute practice and a 15 minute mindful guided meditation. During the yoga flow you will focus on both breath and the ability to be present in each pose, which can help quiet negative mental chatter, regulate the body, and boost overall mood. A guided meditation will immediately follow the yoga sequence. 

The classes

Move and Reset

Move and Restore

In this signature class you will move through a 45 minute flow and end with 15 minutes of guided restorative yoga poses with props. During the class, you will focus on the breath, being present in each pose and letting go of mental, emotional and physical tension through deeply restorative and supportive postures.

Yoga Classes are held at our Chicago Roscoe Village Location (2135 W. Roscoe)


Mindful Mom Yoga Group

Saturdays (2nd and 4th of each month), 10:15 AM

Join Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher, Megan Xidas, for a 75 minute yoga and processing group for all moms in any stage of motherhood. We will begin each session with 30 minutes of yoga and mindful meditation. We will then join in community to check in, process, learn, and support one another in a compassionate, safe, and inclusive space. This is an opportunity to connect with yourself and one another with intentional movement, breath, and communication.


Sound Meditation: Healing your Inner Child

FriDAY October 6,  6– 7 PM

In this sound mediation session we will observe the beliefs and
mechanisms that we developed in order to navigate the world. It’s an
opportunity to provide the attention and recognition that our inner child

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood."

In this 60 minutes experience there will be various sounds, volumes and scents.  Specific musical instruments, like singing bowls, chimes and drums are played during the meditation; essential oils and palo santo, along with the support of the four elements, a safe space is created to disconnect from
repetitive cognitive and emotional patterns, and dissolve into a transcendental state..
Mats, blankets, bolsters and eye pillows/masks provided.


Healing Chronic Stress and Trauma Through The Lens of  Sound Meditation

Monday, October 2, 5:30-7 PM

Join Sound Meditation Guide and Clinical Therapist, Ximena Perez, for a workshop dedicated to healing chronic stress & trauma through the lens of Sound Meditation and Sound Healing.

This workshop will offer education, tools, resources as well as opportunities for experiential learning.

This workshop is open to anyone living with chronic stress, a trauma survivor, and their support people. This workshop is also open to anyone interested in learning more about massage and its benefits for healing.


Virtual EFT Tapping Session 

Thursday September 14, 21 and October 5th, 5:30-6 PM

Join Move Psychotherapist and EFT therapist, Lauren for a three-part EFT tapping series. Each session will incorporate a short introduction to the basics of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), followed by longer experiential exercises where you will be guided through several rounds of tapping on a specific intention. The intentions are able to be personalized to whatever you are needing around that topic. Everyone who attends will also be provided with a handout with information on how to utilize this technique on your own. Join for our first session or purchase all three sessions at a discounted rate!


Harvest Meditation and Intention Setting

Wednesday  October 18th, 7:30-8 PM

What did you manifest this year?

Join Psychotherapist & Meditation teacher, Nicole Townsend for a Fall Harvest Guided Meditation and Intention Setting Ceremony to gather, take inventory, rest, and reflect on everything you’ve planted this year.  This meditation practice will be available in studio and virtually via livestream.


Peer Support Group: Going No Contact with  a Narcissistic or Boderline Parent

Tuesdays Beginning October 3 (every other week for 12 weeks) 5:30-6:30 PM

Deciding if/when to go no contact with a parent can be difficult and can feel like you are alone when talking with friends or family. Join therapist Jo Hayes for a virtual support group dedicated to those debating on going no contact or have recently gone no contact with a narcissistic or borderline parent. The group will serve as a place to gain support from peers in a similar situation, process emotions that arise while going no contact, and find community.

$180 for 6 sessions

Empowering Compassionate Body Image Virtual Group

September 27th-November 1, 6:30-7:30 PM, (6 weeks)

Improve your body image and embrace your unique beauty in Move Therapy’s new workshop group, Empowering Compassionate Body Image. Join us for a 6-week transformative journey of self-exploration, guided discussions, and practical tools to cultivate acceptance and respect for your body. Gain the insight that your worth extends far beyond external appearances, allowing you to embrace your inner qualities. Through this workshop group, learn to celebrate your body’s strengths, challenge societal beauty standards, and foster a renewed sense of empowerment and self-love.


All the variations of poses Molly offered throughout the practice helped bring the focus to myself and my body."


Class with Rickie created warmth, power and grace to carry forward through the rest of my day."

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to yoga – can I still attend class?

Yes, all levels are welcome – including those brand-new to yoga. Our practitioners create a safe, welcoming environment with a yoga flow that’s accessible to all. We encourage you to listen to your body throughout class and honor what you need in the moment – even if that means doing child’s pose the whole time.

Will we be doing therapy during yoga?

No. While many of our yoga classes are taught by our therapists, you will not be expected to participate in a therapy session during class.

Do I have to be in therapy to come to Move’s yoga classes?

You’re welcome in our studio regardless of whether or not you’re currently doing psychotherapy – but we think our classes will enhance any mental health practice you’re currently doing.

What can I expect to experience in class?

While each of our signature classes offers a different approach to yoga, you can expect to learn practical mind body tools to support mental health in your everyday life. Our teachers will lead you through a flow that helps you connect your breath to movement. Throughout class, you’ll learn accessible, actionable techniques for overcoming common mental health barriers, like how to be present or how to quiet negative self-talk. Some classes end with a guided meditation to help you quiet the mind. For more information about each specific class, view our schedule above. 

What do I need to bring to class?

Props and mats are provided by the studio.

Are masks required?

At this time, face coverings are optional for all in person classes, workshops and appointments.

Where are yoga classes held?

Yoga Classes are held at our Chicago Roscoe Village Location (2135 W. Roscoe)

Better together.

For a holistic approach to mental health, enhance your yoga practice with our individual psychotherapy offerings.

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